The Wytches release video for Gravedweller

The video for “Gravedweller” is strangely reminiscent of The Poughkeepsie Tapes; a lovely kidnaping and torture mockumentary. Wobbly camera, gritty shots, smoking drum kits, fog laden and grotty evenings on council estate wastelands. Rapey.

There’s a fair bit of flailing involved, some great editing and even someones scruffy pooch makes a worried looking cameo – possibly the next soul for sacrifice? Gotta love the humor here. Not taking themselves too seriously whilst delivering an engaging video, and a great track. Skills.

The single – screaming, awesome, terrifying, relentless, toe-tappy, surfrockpsychfilth – will be released on Heavenly records, also home to Temples and TOY. It’ll be given away as a free cassette at each of their upcoming shows.

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