Victoria+Jean arrive in East London

Hold onto your hats everyone – East London is about to have a Scandi-Belgian invasion. Victoria+Jean are a duet to be reckoned with – two talented musicians who were brought together by fate in Brussels, and the rest is tuneful history. Victoria sings, Jean plays guitar, and they’ve created an other worldly album that promises to blow your socks off. Divine Love is due for release in April next year, and leading up to then they’re doing the rounds gigging all over Europe and, recently, Canada. Both Roadtrip Bar and Zigfrid Von Underbelly in Hoxton are hosting this talented twosome – the former on Friday 6th and the latter on Saturday 7th.

We’ve had their tune Holly on repeat, and were hooked as soon as the first chirpy, optimistic bluesy riff entered our eardrums. We defy you not to be wiggling your shoulders after the first few bars, and if you manage to hold out by the second half then the introduction of the drum beat will have you moving regardless.

It appeals to our punk pop youth (did anyone listen to Zebrahead or The Matches? It has nuances of their more vibrant, bouncy tunes), while the singing is spot on – Victoria has a voice that cuts through the symphony of music like pure crystal, and has the power to stand up to layers of drums and perfectly timed guitar notes. If their live performances are anything like this track, we could be in for a jolly, knee-lifting, raucous couple of nights.

Check the Victoria+Jean website here, and make sure to watch Holly

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