Tiger Forest Cat – New York New York

Smoother than a White Russian in a crush velvet smoking jacket: Tiger Forest Cat’s ‘New York New York’ is like a leisurely bounce through rainbow land. Working his little paws to the bone – all alone in the forest – this is the debut solo effort for Syket’s drummer.  His album Underdogism is out now, released through No Method Records.

Listening and I’m hand in hand with the cat-like Filip Sundberg. We’re on a pink cloud. I’m gazing into his beautiful Swedish eyeballs. He smiles. I smile. It’s like Care Bears and cream, milk and honey, valium and red wine. Fluffy.

Dripping in hazy summery goodness this is the dreamiest indie rock to have ever stroked my ears. A bit smooshy and twinkly for my liking, but still quite lovely in its own right.  And I can’t fault his delivery. This is perfection from perfection land. Kissing the sweet lips of the sun ey?

Check it out…

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