For what they hate in humankind, they make up for in their love of music: TheMisanthropists are like a bubbling cauldron of everything good that has come from the UK music scene since rock and roll came to be. Merging 60s psychedelia with 70s blues-rock, a bit of glam, then 90s grunge with some turn-of-the-century indie, this band is like a hybrid love-child of rock history, birthed from anarchy, guitars and weed.

Formed of three guys from Islington, Louie Boffa (Vocals), Marc Aster (guitar, vocals) and Omar Lacchini (drums, bass), the trio have been making a name for themselves on the London gig scene for just over a year. If you haven’t yet caught them at various legendary venues around Hoxton and Camden or at The Natural History Museum (we know, right?!), their YouTube channel will give you an idea of the kind of noise TheMisanthropists are making.

Their 2014 Demo Album is like a journey through the band’s kaleidoscopic consciousness, starting all dreamy with the trippy instrumental delight, What’s Out There, to punk-inspired tracks like I Want You and Twilight Zone – eardrum-assaulting, in a good way. Throw in some grungy stoner-rock and Boffa’s gravelly, bluesy vocals and you’ve got yourself one hell of a trip.

Catch TheMisanthropists at The Workshop on the 26th March. Doors 7:30pm.

Immerse yourself into a world of misanthropy and check out their Soundcloud.

For more details on upcoming gigs from TheMisanthropists visit their Facebook page.


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