The Shimmer Band Debut “What Is Mine?”

The Shimmer Band, if you haven’t heard of them then shame on you! Extremely Indie boys hailing from Bristol are pushing boundaries with the “Indie” title and proving themselves more. With a back catalogue of epic singles and amazing stage performances, it’s surprising The Shimmer Band aren’t as big yet. With the potential correlating Blossoms and Catfish & The Bottlemen, it’s time to listen and appreciate the awesome works of The Shimmer Band.

Their latest release “What Is Mine?” is a cool, anthemic track that is no doubt fantastic live. Whirring vocals build up a steady pace to the song, The Shimmer Band do a successful job of creating sound-scape for their material, giving us an aural pleasure to the max. Lead Singer Tom Newman’s voice is the ideal voice for any Indie Rock band and is utterly faultless. “What Is Mine?” is passionate, cool and makes you feel so so good! Echoes and Whirrs simultaneously bounce off each other producing immense layers making it no typical Rock song, The Shimmer Band are creative genius’ with something so simple; they can produce material that reaches your mind and soul but shattering the norm of Indie Rock bands this present day.

With the success of “What Is Mine?” and the definitive stature of becoming our new favourite band it should be noted how amazing previous single “Sunkick” is. A personal note this may be, but if you’re starting to check The Shimmer Bands material then please please listen to “Sunkick”, it’s a punch in heart kind of song but you’re smiling about it. Passion is an understatement and the extended chorus climaxes the end of the song and is left in your head ultimately as a great song.

You can listen to “What Is Mine?” on Spotify now:

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