The Districts Debut Video For New Single “Ordinary Day”

Formed in Philadelphia, Alt Rock band The Districts have announced a date for album number 3 “Popular Manipulations” set for release August 11th via Fat Possum Records. But if you can’t wait that long to get a taste of the indie goodness, then The Districts have released a video for new single “Ordinary Day”, a soft and calming song that’ll punch you in the heart and feel sick for the next few days… but in a good way.

The Districts are upcoming Indie lads from Philadelphia who have toured in London multiple times and always gathered a happy, hip and hopeful crowd. With a fantastic back catalogue, their previous album “A Flourish & A Spoil” was huge and consisted of amazing tracks such as “4th and Roebling” and “Suburban Smell” so there’s no doubt “Popular Manipulations” will be awesome and knock the previous albums out the window.

New single to get you excited  “Ordinary Day” begins soft and slow with high vocals against an acoustic guitar, then bam the drums come in and immediately pick up the pace of the song making it triumphant and epic; still remaining soft the song is a belter for sure. One that’ll get you up off your feet and do whatever the hell you need to do, The Districts have created a motivating and hopeful song. A song like this is one that sticks with you, the structure is perfection as it is extremely thought out and reaches right into your emotion. It appears during this time The Districts have grown up a little and created mature, emotional music, with this we can’t wait to hear the album but for now we are extremely satisfied with “Ordinary Day”.

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