The Commuters New Video For “Before I Was Born”

New York based band The Commuters have debuted a visually pleasing and stimulating video for their single “Before I Was Born”, the song itself is awesome with epic beats and whirring tones to bring an edgy feel to the song. With lead singer Zeeshan Zaidi’s soft and husky tone, it reminisces of alternative grunge 90s, then is ripped back to a powerful anthemic feel as his high notes are drawn out and echoed against the rustic guitar. “Before I Was Born” is the ideal single for getting over that heart break but motivating you to get out and see the world. When a song pushes emotion and inspires you, you know you’re on to something good…

The video somewhat trippy featuring hectic visuals and colours, with floating lines and shapes giving a fuzzy feel to it, correlating with the song’s depth which is thought provoking and meaningful. Solemn shades of blue shape shifting against ┬áZaidi depicts his own thoughts and ideas. Deep stuff but extremely creative we like it! The Commuters have created a highly inspiring song both visually and aurally, engaging fully with the listener it’s the type of song where you’re left thinking about for days.


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