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The Away Days Debut Album “Dreamed At Dawn”

Turkish band The Away Days are not shy of London town and have played multiple times, most recently at The Shacklewell Arms but this is no Live review, The Away Days have brought us a fantastic first full album that it’s UK fans are already loving. Debut album “Dreamed At Dawn”consists of 12 magical, aurally pleasing and experimental tracks that won’t just take you on a journey, it’ll create an experience.

Opening with “Downtown” it’s trickling, soft beats are highlighted and compressed against electric strums, it is clear the album is extremely thought out and each track is pinnacle in it’s own way. Following a theme of delicate, shoe gaze, indie tones, The Away Days are more than just an Indie band, it is direct that the band are cool and precious with their thoughts, specifically shown in “White Whale”. The album as a whole works so well, it is clear why The Away Days have taken so long to produce a first album: time, creativity and talent is the recipe here. Listening to the album, each song blends into one and other, though this is good and creates the illusion of an experience rather than single tracks bursting out and disrupting your sense of focus; it is hard to distinguish each song as the theme is apparent in all of them. Nonetheless, this theme works and the more you listen it’s easier to find your favourites.

Picking out my favourites “Less Is More” is evident it’s important on this track list, slightly more upbeat the tempo is increased but its the drumming and whirring that creates climax and ultimately an epic song. “Strip To” breaks up the album almost like an encore as it is placed second to last and is pure instrumental, creating echoes of soundscape with whirs and layers floating in each ear, it dramatically leads to the final song “Layers” which makes sense. A 30 second focus of layers is then followed by the final song and is the epic encore we need, leaving flourishes of shoe gaze.

The Away Days have created an exceptional first album which identifies their style and true musical self.

“Dreamed At Dawn” is now available on Spotify – 

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