The Amazons Debut New Single “Junk Food Forever”

The Amazons, what can we say? Amazing!! Striking the nation with their first single “Black Magic”, an instant hit and attention grabbing piece of music you absolutely will not get sick of. Now The Amazons have produced a second single that is just as awesome and attention grabbing “Junk Food Forever”!

Formed in Reading, The Amazons are initially a Rock n Roll band that certainly look and sound the part, it’s easy to criticise a young and upcoming band who are a hit with a first single; take Blossoms for instance. But I urge you not to criticise The Amazons as they are filling a huge gap in the Rock n Roll genre and it’s what we need! Some say Rock n Roll is dead but these guys are re birthing it.

“Junk Food Forever” follows the band in a living room depicting people from normal lives struggling with day to day tasks and just saying “f**k it” in a somewhat twisted and dramatic manner but life just gets too tough sometimes. The Amazons have created a relateable message matching with a motivating and climatic song, how could you not love them?! With the release of “Black Magic” a heavy and hardcore piece of music that you just want to let loose to, “Junk Food Forever” follows this theme though slower and a little more Indie, nonethless The Amazons are the band we have been waiting for to bring back that Rock n Roll edge but obviously cool and ┬áloveable at the same time.


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