Tess Parks, She’s Getting A Feel

The sun is low, afternoon is turning to night. Golden light soaks the room. In this magic hour the sounds of Tess Parks accompanies the moment perfectly.

Hailing from Toronto,  Canada, Tess grew up enraptured by the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Oasis. Her music and lifestyle resonate like a Jack Kerouac poem, she’s on a carefree and creative journey of discovery. Choosing to pursue her passions; music and photography, Tess dropped out of art school and hot tailed to London in search of fame and fortune. She’s been making music ever since.

I’m listening to “She’s Getting A Feel” and a deep mellowness emanates from within me. Lo-fi dulcet melodies have me melting away and doing backstroke in the deep, dilated pools of my subconscious. Its like velvet to my ears, it’s hypnotic, sultry and mesmerizing. Inspired by the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre and Jefferson Airplane, these psychedelic influences run clear.

As the song ends I’m rudely snapped back to reality. Unfortunately this isn’t an acid trip…and its not 1967. Disappointing. But on the flip side, I’ve discovered a new musical companion, perfect for whiling away sunny afternoons.

Tess Parks has it all, beauty, talent and indisputable cool.  If you like the sound of this magical being check her out here: http://tessparks.bandcamp.com/

She also keeps an awesome blog. Beautiful pictures of real life goings on: http://tessparks.blogspot.com.au/

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