Talos Headline The Waiting Room

Beneath the bustling and decadent bar that is The Three Crowns lies a home for live music, a hub for the best upcoming bands and a room to take you away from the hustle and bustle of London life, this place is The Waiting Room.

Headlining are Talos a unique band from Cork, Ireland fronted by Eoin French, selling out The Waiting Room the venue slowly fills up with Irish fans and Industry folk you confidently nod to. This is a gig that won’t be forgotten.

Opening is Indie Folk singer Sam who has done the rounds of London sharing his music that is without a doubt impeccably beautiful. A short but memorable set, Johnson sets the tone for the gig with listeners appreciating the raw talent and instantly taking a liking. Opening with “Sticky Tape” Johnson’s voice is easily compared to the likes of Ben Howard with the acoustics and echoed vocals reaching to your heart and leaving you thinking “Wow”. Johnson has a voice that is somewhat hard to find these days, with Folk artists reaching for a guitar and singing well, but is here where the talent really lies. Johnson’s musical career is about to lift off so give him a listen live and you won’t regret it.



Main support comes from Ryan Vail an artist from Northern Ireland that will definitely surprise you and keep you on your toes. Taking to the stage with an intriguing demeanour and musical equipment equipped for two others, it is already apparent that Vail is incredibly talented. Taking control and fully diving into the performance, by the end of the first song you are captivated and ultimately thinking “WTF”. A very surprising set from Ryan Vail exudes a huge amount of carefully thought out and innovative musical talent. Glitching beats, trickling tempos and a blend of whispers against this whirring composition, Ryan Vail takes you on an electronic journey where the end is unknown creating an atmosphere that must not be tampered with. Ultimately, one of the best surprises in Live music, Vail is the definition of Soundscape and a musical genius.


Time for Talos, by this time The Waiting Room is packed to capacity and it is hard to even catch a glimpse of the band on stage as all heads are trying to communicate and catch the awaited performance. Opening with “Odyssey”, one word instantly comes to mind- captivating. Talos have complete control of the room and silence allows Talos to let all sound reach every corner of the venue. Rippling through the bodies of the eager listeners, it’s easy to forget where you are and let Talos transport you. The band as a whole have fantastic talent and the connection between each member is apparent and appreciated, though performing together it was important to credit each musician and take time to watch them execute the performance and value how they became lost in the performance and the passion was evident. A key moment from the performance was “Your Love Is An Island” where all gig attendees reciprocated the vocals and the echoes from both parties flooded the venue, a truly memorable moment from a fantastic song. It’s artists like Talos that make you appreciate live music and how important it is to keep supporting this Industry.

All in all, a fantastic line-up at a great venue, represented by Communion Music whom capture the essence of fantastic artists and create live events that won’t be forgotten.



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