Star Scream – Time Travel, Sexploitation and Superheroes.

Having traveled to the future in their theatrical rocking – future sound robbing time machine, Star Scream garnered the necessary ingredients to create the ‘sound of tomorrow’ for the unsuspecting audience of today. Afterwards they popped back in time to their birth dates, re-naming themselves with suitably hard rocking super-hero-titles. Try Adam Lightspeed, Aoife and Sky London. POW! Afterwards they hot-tailed home to Hastings and shared a well earned pot of tea.

Pumping their own brand of futuristic, screamy, dreamy, copycat defying, sultry glancing, Tim Burton romancing, guitar shredding, drum smashing, ear bleeding and tit blowingly mental rock; this band are currently melting the minds of humans everywhere.

Reports of spontaneous combustion’s during gigs are rife, raising the question “are we ready for these mind obliterating sounds of the future?

‘Sexploitation’ is released next month on the bands own label ‘Roseblood Recordings’.

For more info check out their jazzy website:

Or Facey:

Have a gander…

Have a listen  – FIRE EXTINGUISHER recommended.

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