Sons Of Guns = Total Sensory Annihilation

“We aim to shatter your pelvis through hip shaking pandemonium. Essentially that is all you need to know”

Wow, what an introduction! Pumped and ready for action I’ve cracked open I Slept In The Car…Holy shit, these guys should come with a warning! Something like WARNING, COULD CAUSE BRAIN HEMORRHAGING would suffice. I feel insufficiently prepared, even with that opening statement.

This band is like a new street drug; a crazy concoction of dehydrated awesome, liquid crack, and something incredibly hallucinogenic. Whatever it is, I feel like someone spiked my coffee and sent me to another dimension.

Some bands write about love, others about wars or adventure. Sons Of Guns however are cut from a very different cloth. THESE lyrics are off the bloody’ hook! Listen too carefully and you are in legitimate danger of losing your mind! Fingertips the colour of a dead mans face?! Scary. I’m not a battleship, I’m a gold fish in a bowl?! What the fuck?! Who knows, maybe if a Butcher had delivered me…on the back of a bus, I’d pen sick-tits-shit like this too!

Sons of Guns sound like they ate Noel fielding for breakfast and have been shitting out trippy – lyrical  – joy nuggets ever since.

These guys have successfully birthed their own unique brand of heavy, grimy, thrusting filthy and ear ravaging sounds. They deliver exactly what was promised, and more. My ears are bleeding, my pelvis just spontaneously combusted and my world is seriously rocked.

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And give these a well deserved listen…

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[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


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