We’re fans of… NYNA

We’ve got a new music adoration after watching a gig at Roadtrip Bar last night. Our new crush? NYNA.

From the strong opening bars, haunting piano chords and husky, seductive voice of the female singer, we’re hooked. And then the remix comes in, and we’re tapping our feet and shaking our bodies. What follows is a New Pop dance beat track that combines beautifully dark singing, fabulous instrumentals and remix musical mastery.


“Closer” is released this July and is a summer club anthem that takes the listener on an incredible journey. NYNA’s Debut EP “Silence” will be released in July and has mostly remixes on it.

NYNA has a cluster of influences that are as diverse as you could get – Chopin, Khachaturian and Bach share CD space with Madonna and Britney Spears, leading to her emotive vibe and spirited pop melodies.

Check her website here


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