As you might know, Church of Dreams is a big event in the Hoxton Amp calendar – a music night hosted by the gorgeous Samantha Togni. Focusing on underground beats and an aesthetic attitude, it’s aiming to shake the heart of Hoxton Square in a holy and profuse ceremony of the freest creative minds.

We were had an incredible time at the Zigfrid Von Underbelly launch party on 25th April, and now we’re set to get our shake on again now that the next guest has been announced.

Hoxton Amp is stoked and more than a bit excited to say that, joining Samantha on the decks on June 20th, will be none other than Feral Is Kinky.



This multifaceted and multi talented musician has had more reinventions than Starburst, Snickers and Miley Cyrus all put together – she’s been known in the past as MC Kinky, aka Cantankerous, aka Feral, aka The Infidel. But one thing has remained the same – she has one of the most distinctive voices in electronic music, which can often result in a crowd going ballistic for her almost hypnotic magnetism. Could this result in the perfect set for Church of Dreams? We think it could.

Watch this space as we get ready to interview the artist herself ahead of her Church of Dreams appearance on 20th June – directly after which she’ll be whizzing off to Glast to perform for excited crowds on The Farm!

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