MUX Debut Single “MDMA”

Naming your first single “MDMA”, you’re going to get a mixed reception on whether it’s cool to stick out from the norm or if you’re trying too hard to be cool and different. Well MUX have successfully stuck out from the norm and it’s a banger!

MUX have delivered an exceptional and exciting first single, beginning with a solemn echo and simple strums of the guitar with a calming tone; it quickly escalates to dirty electronic scratches. With lead singer Tiziano Pilustri’s moody vocals throughout with the dark undertone, it’s 2 minutes in when the come up really happens; Though Pilustri’s voice is awesome and sets a great tone for the song. It’s really the guitar that is the main focus here, the dirty, scratchy and somewhat sexual tone to the song obviously correlates to the theme. Ultimately, it’s a great first single and has already got our attention and no doubt going to get some more, we just want more!!

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