MONA Live At Oslo Hackney

There’s times in your career where you must remain professional at all times and somewhat hold back, believe me this is hard especially working in the Music Industry. But Tuesday night at the wonderful venue Oslo in Hackney was a time where I left my professionalism at home and my inner fan girl came out…

Based in Nashville, Tennessee Mona are the cool rockers who don the slick, edgy music you should all be listening to. Mona’s self titled debut album was released in 2011 which introduced us to the songs we’d never forget and would sing with all our hearts; “Shooting The Moon”, “Lean In To The Fall” and “Teenagers'”. Two years later Mona released “Torches & Pitchforks”, though promising and has some great tracks such as “Cross The Line” and “Goons (Baby, I Need It all)” the reception wasn’t justified and didn’t quite meet the demands that the first album did. Late 2016, Mona released an exciting and breath-taking EP “In The Middle” which is the title of one of the pinnacle tracks. This EP is a huge success for Mona and they deserve every ounce of gratitude for it, “In The Middle” consists of 6 thought provoking and meaningful tracks that will stay with you. Highlights of the EP are obviously “In The Middle” but one song that really got me in the gut is “Us & Them”. It’s very rare but quite beautiful when a song becomes an obsession and this EP is filled with them.

First seeing Mona 6 years ago in the small city Coventry it was heart warming to see them headline a London show, back then when I was just a young teenager I remember it being one of the best nights of my life- all thanks to Mona. Now a professional in the Industry, Mona recreated this memory and heightened it by a 1000. Mona are the type of band you NEED to see live, their stage presence and connection with the crowd is relaxing and comfortable, rather than silent and awkward. The connection between the members is heart-warming and you know you’re having a great time with them and it’s one big party filled with smiles and sweat.┬áNick Brown’s vocals are another factor why you NEED to see Mona live, obviously listening to their music his voice is on another level reaching crazy highs and epic lengths; Brown’s talent is fantastic and seeing him perform live supplies that. To add, being the fantastic frontman one can be, he races into the crowd with constant gratitude and communication, whilst guitarist Jordan Young and Alex Lindsey’s stage presence and chemistry oozes fun and silliness.

Performing to a boisterous, slightly rowdy but happy crowd Mona connect over song requests and chants to “Goons (Baby, I Need It All) leading to a beautiful participation for “Lean Into The Fall” which leaves echoes in the venue. Mona perform a lengthy set but it still doesn’t feel long enough, departing the stage not once but twice the band come together one final time for an epic encore. Name one band who does two encores? Another reason why Mona are the band you NEED to see live. With all this excitement and fantastic creation of ecstatic memories it surprises me Mona are headlining a medium venue in Hackney rather than the O2 Brixton in South London. Come to think of it, the intimate experience of Mona is somewhat more special and I feel honoured to have seen Mona live.


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