The Microdance Vidorama!

East London’s The Microdance have only gone and made a music video. The vid accompanies ‘Moopy Moop’, the lead track from their latest double A-side ‘Moopy Moop/Skulduggery’.

Deciding that kids of today are too damn nitwitted for metaphors, the new video apparently needs no deciphering. Lets call a spade a spade here – the track was metaphorical enough, thank you very much.

Shot in Alex’s house; an alleyway in Dalston and a traffic island on Brixton Road (which contrasts claustrophobia and grandeur, OBVS) the story demonstrates the many pitfalls of falling in love.

Along with a bit of symbolism – but no metaphors – Yasmin and Jennie (seen from the outset) represent both the empathetic and menacing sides to this character. The video also features a very lovely sequined jumper, a skull and luminous rabbit. Literally.

Nice stuff people said:

On Skulduggery: ‘It’s as if Prince and Robert Smith had unprotected sex, resulting in this three-headed alien lovechild’.

Of Moopy Moop: ‘Feels like Joy Division transforming into New Order; love that it thrashes like waves and embraces us like the prince of darkness.’

And we had this to say when reviewing Moopy Moop in December: “MASSIVE. With hauntingly ethereal female vocals … this track seeps into your subconscious. It’s a beauty.” –  Hoxton Amp.

Check it out…

The Microdance “Moopy Moop” (c) 2013 from 5:AM Films on Vimeo.

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