Lets talk about Mohit.

Lets talk about Mohit. Not to be confused with Indian pop crooner Mohit Chauhan, as Google did.

These lads are a close knit crew, friendly types residing in the leafy streets of south London. Originally hailing from the coastal utopia of Bogner Regis, they sew together a delicate mix of chiller guitar music, soft vocal scapes and explosive drums. With an undisputable passion for all things alternative they believe their organic sound comes from a rare combination of excess time and remnants of sea air. Who knew?

After absorbing myself in the Jersey Turnpike Demos I was left feeling decidedly horizontalised. There’s something beautiful and hypnotic about it all. I particularly enjoyed the emotive and melodic journey of Ivory Arch. I’m not sure if it was the picture of the ducks floating lazily down a river, but I closed my eyes and was transported to a summers day on Hampstead Heath!

If Mohit sound like your cup of tea then keep your ears to the ground. They can be found softly pumping their unique brand of ‘swirly, thundery, infectious noise’ into ear holes across the capital. Look out for them this Valentines Day; they’ll be wooing the crowd at The Marlowe Theatre for NO-WAVE Magazines 3rd birthday.

Check them here: http://mohit.bandcamp.com/

and here: https://www.facebook.com/mohitmusique


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