JAWS Live At Scala

Fresh faced Indie boys JAWS headlined Scala, Kings Cross this Wednesday with main support from Kagoule. I’ve always been a fan of JAWS ever since their first 2013 EP ‘Milkshake’ featuring early hits such as “Stay In” and “Surround You”. With the release of their first album “Be Slowly” in 2014 it received huge reception and insanely great reviews… who could disagree? It’s one of the best first albums I’ve heard for such a young upcoming band. Now JAWS have released their second album “Simplicity” late last year, featuring excellent songs such as “Just A Boy” and “Cast”.

Opening to a very committed, young and trendy crowd with “Just A Boy” of course the youngsters go crazy with hands waving like the sea and heads falling back, letting loose to this relateable fun music. It’s easy to feel somewhat old at a gig like this, though as a 23 year old the term “old” shouldn’t be used to describe myself but it’s easy to feel setback when the demographic is justified by wearing an over 18’s wristband. Automatically, you forget about the music and more of your whereabouts. But as JAWS go on and start to play all my favourite songs like “Stay In”, “Surround You” and “Be Slowly” I remember no one is here to judge onĀ how old you are, but we’re all here to enjoy the amazing music JAWS have created. Closing with a well deserved encore, JAWS maintained a high atmosphere with no one tiring and always wanting more; of course ending with “Gold” the night closes with positive and amazing memories you’ll remember dancing your feet off to your favourite band.

With constant gratitude from lead singer Connor Schofield it’s heart warming to see the band you’ve been following do so well and remain thankful and content. To add, reviewing JAWS a few years ago at Heaven I was somewhat disappointed by their set but witnessing them at Scala this week I have seen huge improvement from the band. Schofield’s vocals have improved immensely and musically the band are tighter and more professional. JAWS have grown and shaped perfectly in the Industry and for such a young band they have placed their position excellently on the Indie music scene.

Always a pleasure guys!

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