Falling In Love With Cusses.

Cusses just blew my mind.  I’m in my kitchen making a cup of tea, but in another dimension I’m on the dance floor and I’m sweating, thrashing, contorting and flexing with wild abandon. I am bewitched by Angel Bond, caught like a deer in the headlights of a freight train. This woman drips in attitude and exudes grimy, thrusting rock and roll goodness. Her vocals have my hairs on end, tough and gritty but laden with a smoky sexiness. She is a ferocious, snarling force of nature and I am electrified.

 My senses are obliterated as the shredding and reverberating guitar of Bryan Harder fills my ears. My soul is stolen as the crashing, relentless and annihilating percussion of Brian Lackey takes control of everything rhythmic inside of me. I am not my own, I am lost in the vortex of this potent powerhouse of a threesome and I love it.

 Cusses have been described as The Runaways meets The Ramones or Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Jet. To me they are mind-blowing fun on the dance floor. They are high energy-tribal painted-good old fashioned-glitter covered- thrash around until you have an aneurism-rock and roll.

 This band are only interested in one thing, playing live and melting your mind.


Watch the video for “Don’t Give In”:

For more info and upcoming tour dates: http://cussesmusic.com/

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