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So, tell us a bit about yourselves – who are you, how long have you been playing together, and can we expect when we go visit a Kayvs gig? What kind of sound are you guys going to be mesmerising us with?

Christopher: Well Kayvs are Anna on guitar and vocals, me (Chris) on bass, and James on drums. We’ve been together since the end of last year, but we only got James in on drums earlier this year.

Anna: We’re going to pervert the course of rock and roll by riding high on a colossal wave of blisteringly loud, unnaturally catchy industrial pop noise, Krautrock drumming, and self-oscillating effects modules.

You’re playing Hoxton Underbelly on the 30th – how do you find London’s music scene at the moment? Are there any cities you love gigging in?

Anna: The alternative, underground or the fringes of society are probably the only places anything genuinely interesting or progressive is happening and that’s the way it should be, no matter what city you live in. Let’s be honest – most if not all of the mainstream major labels are useless and culturally redundant. Maybe being an underground musician now means something different to 20 or 30 years ago, but in any case we have to make our own way. Concepts like fame or notoriety are dead and money doesn’t even enter into it – you need to possess a powerful drive to make music purely through your own passion and for your own audience.

What have been your musical influences throughout the course of your music-making, and how have they changed?

Anna: I’m into Viktor Tsoi and Kino, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Japan, and David Bowie. My favourite guitarists are probably Yuri Kasparyan, Adrian Belew, and Robert Fripp. I want to blur the lines of what a guitar is supposed to sound like, twisting and forcing otherwise chaotic electronic noise into guitar-pop melodies. I don’t think the best ‘rock’ music has already been written, I believe that our generation has something unique to offer and I want to sweep the dinosaurs away.

Christopher: I’d have to say Interpol, Neu!, A Place To Bury Strangers, and Erasure are what I’m about at the moment.

What would be your ideal festival this year, first to play, then to get totally immersed in?

Christopher: I love to play Field Day, but that’s maybe because I’m lazy and it means I can go home at the end of the day! I’ve heard Primavera Porto is really good, and I think the guarantee of sun would make that my choice for immersion.

And what artists are you dying to see?

Anna: I want to see Parquet Courts, Bambara, and Metz.

Christopher: I’ve just been listening to the new Sonic Jesus record, but I missed the album launch, so they’re currently quite high on my list. I’m hoping Chelsea Wolfe tours the UK soon (she has an album coming out this year), likewise Chromatics have an coming out soon and I’d love to see them. Also I need to see Spectres next time they’re in town, because I keep missing them.

Is there anything you absolutely wish you could play instrument-wise?

Anna: I genuinely wish I could play the erhu, a two-stringed Chinese violin. It has a really mournful quality.

Christopher: The Tenor Saxophone. That way I could go all John Coltrane. And they look really cool.

And what is the weirdest or most unusual word you’ve used in any of your songs?

Anna: I shoehorned words from five different languages (Russian, English, German, Japanese, Chinese) into the chorus of our track ‘To The Nines’. I’ve tried to turn ‘I’ve done some questionable things’ into a hook in the chorus of ‘This Is Not An Exit’. I also managed to get ‘chitinous’ into ‘Metamorphosis’.

If you could choose one venue in the world to play, which would it be?

Anna: I’d like to play in the ruins of the Barbican Centre after World War Three.

And what is your 2015 looking like?

Christopher: Slow start but getting busier – hopefully we’ll have a release out by the end of the year. Failing that, I’m hoping we at least have t-shirts done!

Thanks guys – we look forward to seeing you on 30th! For the Facebook event go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1529514200647914/

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