Harry Styles Debut Single “Sign Of The Times”

The main man from One Direction and the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Harry Styles finally releases the long awaited and highly anticipated first single since 1D’s “hiatus” “Sign Of The Times”. No official video as of yet just the audio and a lack of promotion, the song kind of just appeared, but I suppose with Styles background and following no promotion is needed at all really. With rippling red water and the silhouettes of two figures, one floating in the water face down and one sat watching closely, does this depict the old Harry Styles of 1D as finished and the new solo Harry Styles watching and brought to life, symbolic but a lot of questions unanswered.

“Sign Of The Times” is slow, raw and melancholy, the polar opposite to 1D’s material. With inspiration from the late and great David Bowie it is very clear with a climatic approach from the chorus and somewhat thought provoking. Styles always showed off his flawless voice and extensive note range and this song compliments his talent, the song is clearly thought out and is justified by the time of the release. With a lot of comparisons to One Direction and the other members, it’s easy to get defensive that we shouldn’t do that and just focus solely on Styles material but with such a huge background it’s impossible to do so. Nonetheless, Harry Styles has created a sensual, epic and creative first single away from his previous background which is soon to be evaporated. “Sign Of The Times” we like it a lot!

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