Glass Peaks New Single “Speak and Spell”

Kent four-piece Glass Peaks debut new single “Speak and Spell” which is the perfect alt-pop song to dish up on a Tuesday afternoon. With a visually pleasing video to match the single, it highlights the bands hard work in releasing a great song supported by a reputable and rewarding video. “Speak and Spell” features trickling guitars and echoing electronic beats that make it pop but enough rock to make it cool and not be categorised incorrectly, whilst the music grows throughout creating climax and that ultimate head banging material; it’s the passion of the vocals setting the song making you want to listen to the song on repeat and sing along with your hands in the air!

The video extremely current with neon lights, creative choreography and not a bad looking band proves respectable and a great growth for the band. A standing ovation should be presented for Glass Peaks as their diligence and hard work is completely evident. The video is perfectly shot and is so good we’ve featured it for our daily dose of videos we are loving right now!

Props to ya Glass Peaks.

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