Gig to watch out for – Lannie Flowers this Saturday 16th May

Who does’t like a bit of power pop? Even you haters out there to profess to detest the genre have a secret bone in their bodies that likes the combination of strong melodies, clear vocals and crisp harmonies. And come on, who can’t have said they’ve loved rocking out to a solid guitar rift once in a while?

Power Pop and Americana is once more gripping the scene, and one of our favourite current standard bearers for the movement is Lannie Flowers. ‘Combining diverse influences such as British invasion, punk rock and glam rock, Lannie puts forth guitar driven melodies that are at once fresh yet familiar.’

And he should know his way around a guitar, having been obsessed with the instrument since he was 12…

Normally residing in Kennedale, Texas, us Brits can get a taste of his awesome Americana tuneage by visiting The Workshop at Roadtrip on May 16th, where he’ll be rocking up the stage along with Gold Phoenix and Turbowitch. Check out the event here:

And in the mean time, here’s a cheeky video to get you in the mood for the weekend (whatever day of the week it is!)


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