Fred Page New Single “Another Last Time”

London based singer- songwriter Fred Page delivers an exceptional new single “Another Last Time”, produced by Joe Janiak, this song is evidently inspiring and creative of extreme quality. Instantly, recognising the term “Singer-Songwriter” you kind of know what to expect and it’s usually average. Not for Fred Page, “Another Last Time” is so thought provoking it made me stand still, listen and feel.

As a writer it’s easy to say a song is good but not so easy to say a song is wow, it’s a rare occasion when a song really makes you think and grabs you by the heart and soul. “Another Last Time” did just that and it really is wow. It might be the power and soul in Page’s voice, obviously talented but the utilisation of his vocal skills are evident, it’s as if the voice is enough on it’s own. However, the musicality of the track is climatic and edgy; hints of electric guitar adding a rocky approach really works well with Page’s voice. We get to the chorus and the build up is ideal but it’s the echoes in the chorus against the guitar with distant whirring- wow.

After listening once, the song was on repeat. Though, initially it feels somewhat deep and sad the build up proves motivating and inspiring with Fred Page discussing “Every time it felt done, something else would happen and we’d look at the song from a new perspective. First it was Brexit, then it was Trump, and now it just feels like the right time for the world to hear the songs message”. With the world changing rapidly and questions rising as to why, it’s sincere of Fred Page to contribute to this message and the song is perfect in doing so.


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