Follakzoid, A Cosmic Journey

Follakzoid play the most TRIBAL of beats. My eyes are closed and I’m lost in a cosmic funk. Complex layers of sound echo in my mind as beautiful yet eerie guitar riffs slice through. Suddenly I’m dancing barefoot in the desert under a full moon. I’m on a journey through time and space. Tambourine Rattlesnakes hiss at my feet and what’s this? A helicopter! What the hell is going on?! A Chilean elder passes me a small cactus, peyote maybe.  I’m in a trance, a real-life-motherf**king-trance!

 I’m not even sure if this band is made of human flesh. Maybe they hail from another planet, deep in the cosmos. Whatever and whoever they are, one thing is certain; these guys operate on a higher plane of consciousness.

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Check them out here:

And here:

And here too:

Disclaimer: They’re from Chile. True fact.


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