Du Bellows

Open mic nights are notorious for attracting weirdos and the tone deaf. But not always, for one special evening in Ealing lady fate decided to weave her magic. Two exceptionally talented humans were united and a friendship was forged.

Their sound was born in the most organic of fashion. Heading in no particular direction, just happy making music in each other’s company, they stumbled upon their own unique brand of noise and Du Bellows was born.

Jades vocals slice through to your core. Powerful and soulful with the hint of a beautiful welsh lilt. With TJ’s unique finger picking style their combined sound is elevated to a league of its own.

Du Bellows have been described as anything from Bluesy Gospel to funky melodic rock. I say this is real music sung from the heart. The type that insists you tap your foot and nod along, maybe a little too enthusiastically!

With the addition of Darley Mylan on second guitar (how is this man not already famous with a name like that?!) Richard Lees on bass and David Watkinson on drums, this band may very well take over the world.

If you like the sound of Du Bellows check them out at FOLK&DAGGER @ The Rattlesnake Of Angel on Feb 7th.
Jade and TJ can also be found hosting the Earwicker acoustic nights on Tuesdays at The Drayton Court Hotel, Ealing, West London. Apparently it’s rather good.


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