Don Broco Debut New Single “Pretty”

English rockers Don Broco have released new single “Pretty” under some odd and twisted circumstances; leading fans to believe bassist Tom Doyle was set to be married. The bands Social Media platforms such as Snapchat and Instgram were flooded with wedding preparation videos featuring the guys in white suits and updates of the bands status as supporters of Tom’s wedding. Little did we know, Don Broco successfully fooled us with the wedding being the theme to the bands new video for new single “Pretty” which ain’t so pretty!

The video features Lead Singer Rob Damiani cutting Bassist Tom Doyle’s face and replacing it to trick wedding goers so Rob could in fact marry bride to be Sidney, obviously chaos is caused and the band steal each others identities in a graphic and gorey manner, Don Broco have certainly made a statement with this video.

The song itself “Pretty” is heavy, cool and an instant hit with social media blasting only love for it… it is indeed a banger. With their previous single “Everybody” which still remains one of my favourite songs ever; Don Broco are heavier, more rock and more grit! Approaching the rock scene just few years ago the band were heavily criticized for being “a boy band” and “too pop” for the Rock scene, but with recent singles it seems Don Broco are dominating the Rock genre.

New Single “Pretty” is featured on our Video of the week.

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