DOLLS Defile Valentines Day

OOOOOH! EXCITEMENT! London-based DOLLS today launch the single ‘Limited Ltd  “A catchy synthpop track with bitter bubblegum vocals that archly describe a case of lackluster love”. And just in time to celebrate the increasingly popular anti-Valentine’s Day – phrase coined by Nikki herself.

Dripping in attitude the track documents “a totally deficient – utterly limited – love affair”. Deftly defying any romantic, fluffy and false notions of a standard packaged valentines date – it boldly greets St Shmalentine with an incredibly surly FUCK YOU.

Macabre, twisted and sexy…the video makes a distinctly darkened nod to Cubrick’s Clockwork Orange. Nikki, show-woman to her molten core, is utterly mesmerizing. As usual, WE LOVE.

To trailer the video – and to demonstrate her absolute disdain for the shlock fest that is V day – she’s created a range of cynical and ridiculously perverse Valentine’s day cards. Check em out. Blacken your heart. Dance.

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