Hoxton Amp is powered by a media team who live, eat, breathe a sleep music.

Not only do we run our awesome site, we offer a range of media services to the music industry too. Including:


  • Band Photography

Image is everything – we can create artist photography that will get you noticed, from a simple stage shot, to full creative set design and styling.




  • Event Photography

Give your event a legacy long after the night fades from memory, with photo-booths to stage shots and every ‘hands in the air’ moment.


The Killer Dillers


  • Music Videos

A classic marketing tool. Increase your reach and bring your music to life. And you know, video killed the radio star.




  • Press releases, bio’s and interviews

So, who are you? Strong interview’s, bios and press releases enable you to communicate your message and get the right kind of attention.

Artwork and brand design

Nothing is more boring than a Soundcloud icon…a well-designed single or album cover can help your music to reach new audiences and creates an impact long before people hear your tunes.




  • Flyers and event artwork

Your event artwork is the most important piece of the promotional puzzle, in print, your site, on social media.


  • Event design and production

From a simple PA to a full scale festival, we are able to support every element of your event design and production.




So if you’re in the music industry, and want some help developing the right tools to get you noticed – contact us via

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