Citadel Festival Takes Over London

Citadel Festival is one of London’s newest Festivals launching in 2015, though it follows the exciting trend that each London Day Festival does: excitement, a great line-up, day drinking. Citadel proves to be very different and spectacularly unique…

Attending the festival in it’s first year with Bombay Bicycle Club and Ben Howard as headliners, it was very clear that Citadel has a more family friendly vibe but looking closer this year family friendly doesn’t have to mean kids everywhere and limiting your alcohol intake to be “considerate”. Citadel is in fact a peaceful home to the arts, bursting with pride, culture, wellness and of course music. Using Victoria Park to it’s best ability Citadel is an excellent size for a day festival, enough space to feel comfortable if you lose your friends and enough corners to discover something new.

Fantastically designed tents always in your eye line, Citadel oozed peace and tranquillity with punters smiling and dancing, activities filling up the day and catering to all ages. Drunkenly stitching love hearts and nodding positively to a lecture on politics and the support for people of the world today, to blind folded science experiments; Citadel really paid attention to the news and events of the past year and was a perfect escape to feel excited, peaceful and a part of a brilliant event.

Citadel wouldn’t be the awesome Day Festival if it wasn’t for it’s two main attractions, each year two delightful headliners are carefully selected and 2017 was the perfect line-up. First, Bonobo captured┬áthe whole of Victoria Park with his full live band performing both old and new songs. The set list was adding more perfection to this already perfect day, completely in awe of Bonobo and his band’s performance I was mesmerised. So intricately amazing, I had only ever seen Bonobo’d DJ sets but to see his full band was absolutely spectacular, a perfect choice Citadel!

The moment everyone had been waiting for, forgetting about the cloudy sky we didn’t need sunshine on this already successful day. Foals were of course on time and after much talk about the set list playing songs we had forgotten about, they sure put on a show! Opening with “Mountain At My Gate” and filling with “Red Socks Pugie”, “My Number”, Foals performed excellently with extended plays of crowd favourites, jamming and just owning it! Finally closing with “Two Steps Twice” confetti and ribbons exploded from the stage as final hurrah. The crowd burst with excitement and smiles filled Victoria Park, cheering to the most perfect day, thanking Citadel for the best one yet, next year will be hard to top!

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