Choose Wisely Debut Single “This Love”

Choose Wisely is an independent Singer Songwriter from London whose debut single “This Love” is set for release TODAY! Writing, recording and performing Indie Rock all by himself, it’s easy to say Choose Wisely is multi-talented but what does the single say about him.

Initially, those first few chords playing I thought I was listening to Blink 182 “What’s my age again?” then it takes a sharp turn to Singer Songwriter feels and Ed Sheeran automatically comes to mind. “This Love” is a great song and is easily likeable and catchy, but lacks imagination. Choose Wisely is sure to create a great following and as the song goes on it is easy to identify there is talent and a journey, but still remains average and same old to what’s already out there. Nonetheless, a great song and I look forward to more of Choose Wisely’s work…

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