Charly Vox Release Their New Single ‘Carnage’

It’s been compared with Portishead, Air – and we can detect a bit of mid-nineties Kylie when she was going through that edgy, experimental stage that we liked best. But whatever the comparisons, Carnage, the new single from Charly Vox, was one of those that stopped us in our tweeting tracks and fully absorbed our attention.

Co-written with Ministry of Sound DJs and Global Underground members, Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson, Carnage is a down-tempo electronica track about the end of a relationship. Charly’s glossy vocals are crystal-delicate and the steady, pulsing, Massive Attack-style beat throughout lends it a hauntingly atmospheric dimension.

Carnage also has a suitably melancholic video, which we have posted here for your viewing pleasure.

Gorgeously, meditatively sublime. We’re looking forward to the album, Charly Vox.



‘Carnage’ is available now through Crossflow Recordings.

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