Centre Excuse Debut New Video “Moon, Sky & Stars”

Centre Excuse are back with a brand new single, video and a damn good makeover; it seems the short time off has proven successful for the band. More Glam Rock and heavy electronics and bass, Centre Excuse bring us “Moon, Sky & Stars”…

The video is extremely high quality and there’s nothing DIY about this band, a correlating theme of Red, White and Black the video is highly pleasing to the eyes and takes you on an epic journey. Opening with wide landscape shots, Centre Excuse open our minds ready to challenge and question. Heavily synth Pop with hints of Electro, Centre Excuse have matured immensely with lead singer Teddy Lewis’ vocals noticeably stronger, the band as a whole have chemistry that is shown highly when live (which of course you have to do, and not just for Lewis’ moves). As the song progresses it becomes heavier and the band reach full potential, the chorus is so catchy I found myself humming the tune when doing my grocery shopping!

Centre Excuse have a great history as friends which conveys their chemistry, Teddy Lewis and Alex Rush (Keyboardist) have been playing together on and off for over 7 years in different variances, which is pretty hard for the band to comprehend. But the CE line-up playing live now is with James, Sam, Alex and Teddy. Lewis states “We’ve been working together for about a year towards this point. We’re all old school friends that ended up somehow coming together in later years through circumstance and I love that part of it. Our team chemistry’s seriously good and I think our individual yet similar backgrounds help in that way”. This is fully shown in the new video for “Music, Sky & Stars” as it proves the commitment of the band and how hard they work together. The video is so impressive for an upcoming band and urge you all to watch now!


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