BullyBones: a high octane, blood pumping, crotch thrusting, screamer of a band. Irresisssssstible pummeling drum beats, infectious lyrics and a powerful lead vocal make for an awesome aural experience. With distortion a’ plenty matched with quavering notes – which I imagine match a shaking pair of knees – this is good ol’ fashioned Rock N’ Roll.

Laden with attitude whilst simultaneously pumping a cruisey surfer vibe, things go from SHOUTY!!!…surfy…SHOUTY!!!…to surfy – a pant-wetting roller-coaster of emotion! When lead singer, Charlie Pullinger screams about making love upstairs I feel mixed emotions – but one thing is sure, it’d be one hell of a ride!

BullyBones, we love you.

Check em out: bullybones.bandcamp.com

They’re playing their first headline show this Saturday, at Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton

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