Benbo launches EP1

Something special is happening on Friday 29th May 2015. That’s right ladies and gentleboys, Benbo is launching his first ever EP, the aptly named ‘EP1’.

The three tracks are the fruits of a twelve-year labour of love and they welcome you into Benbo’s wonky world of spacey indie pop, with Bowie quirks and Beatley melodies, plus plenty of grungey guitar and electro beats. Not one to be pigeon-holed, then?

Benbo is celebrating his long-awaited release with an epic launch party at The Workshop with a solid line-up of guests, including Oli Spleen, Otti And The Voices and Radar Radio’s Emily Dust. Wanna go? See if they can squeeze you in by shooting an email to In Benbo’s own words: ‘It will not be shit’. We are THERE.

You can discover EP1 for yourself here on Benbo’s site. Worth the wait, dude – we love it.

Facebook event

The World of Benbo


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