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In a new series, Hoxton Amp are going to get up close and personal with some of your favourite DJs. For our first interview subject we’ve decided to pick the brains of talented and gorgeous Samantha Togni. She’s played more top venues than you could shake a stick at, is resident DJ in one of the most successful club nights of East London, Dirty Diana, and is part of the DISH family, plus she’s also had a successful modelling career. Phew. We are hyped about the mix-tape project she started in 2014 called Church of Dreams – next event, April 25th.

Larry Tee teaching Samantha how to work to for the camera
Larry Tee teaching Samantha how to work to for the camera


You’ve been DJing now for almost two years – what made you decide to take the leap and pursue it as a career?

Since starting DJing I have felt that through music I’ve been able to express my creativity and enjoy every process of my work. I love each step from researching to live performance and everything that falls in between. The decision of making it become my career just came naturally.

How would you decide your style? Who has influenced you the most over the last few years?

My music selection varies from set to set, everything involved in EDM. If I had to choose someone that has influenced me in the past years I feel like Mad Decent has been the record label which I have looked up the most.

Have you noticed a change in the music industries attitude towards female DJs? Would you say you have to work harder to prove you have the skills and the talent?

I believe that by working hard on your skills and music selection a DJ’s gender take second place. This is my personal experience at least.

Any pieces of advice that have stuck with you?

Be humble, there’s always something to learn or something you did not know. Suggestions and feedback are key to improving, whether it comes from a DJ that has been playing since 30 years or 30 days.

Tell us more about Church of Dreams – how was the idea conceived? What can one expect from attending?

Church Of Dreams started as a series of mix-tapes, as you can see from the intros and the artworks they are very ironical but at the same time it’s my way to show the world what I am capable in doing and what I play. This is exactly what I am trying to deliver with the night Church Of Dreams, great music, fun, don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy yourself in a terrestrial paradise.

And how did Larry Tee get involved?

Larry is such an inspiration and someone to look up to. The list of projects he has done in the past and he is still doing is countless, I have been lucky enough to work with him in the past and having him to the launch of the night is such a great pleasure for me, he is a legend.

Any other special guests for future performances that you can tell us, or hope to have?

I am very excited about future guests, they are all involved in the music and fashion scene and that’s how I would like to keep it. Creative minds that are involved in different fields. But I will keep them as a surprise, it’s more fun.

And who would be your dream guest DJ for Church of Dreams?

I would love to have Yellow Claw or The Pope, you pick.

What’s been the best response you’ve ever got from a gig, that has stayed with you?

They are all very special to me in a way, I will always remember my first gig abroad in Rome with my friends from Touch The Wood, it went really well, people went  absolutely crazy and the sound was great. For sure a great first international gig.

And what does 2015 hold for you? Would you like to do more international gigs or focus more on the UK scene?

I have two international gigs lined up in the next couple of months and I am focusing on producing my first original tracks. Church Of Dreams will always be my baby and I will carry on pushing it as much as I can, there is already a couple of projects that are about to reach the clouds very soon, watch this space…

Well, if it’s anything like the quality stuff you’ve been delivering so far Samantha then we can’t wait. See you April 25th for Church of Dreams…

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