Ballerina Black

L.A born and bred, Ballerina Black is the moniker for the music of Bobby Moynahan (Guitar & Vocals), with  co-founder Esli Sugich (Bass & Guitar), Scott Eton (Keyboards & Guitar) and Romeo Mendoza (Drums).

This is the cheeriest melancholy to ever have mooped my existence. Described as mope rock, grave-wave, gloom-pop; whatever the genre blend,  they’re pretty damn easy on the earholes.  Twinkling guitar, heavy squelch and upbeat tempo carry moody vocals and thoughtful/poignant/morbid lyrics like a dream. We love

The bands most recent EP – Injureless: Svart – came out in September 2013. It’s a self release and gives a great taster of what Ballerina Black are all about. This talented mope-rock foursome have already supported the likes of Interpol and Silversun Pickups. They’ll be touring the UK in the coming months. Catch em if you can.

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