Average Sex Debut “We’re Done”

Late on the scene with this song, East London band Average Sex debut single “We’re Done” is badass, cool and slightly intimidating. To be completely honest, this song was discovered by us just a few days ago and we’re kicking ourselves we’ve only just started listening to Average Sex, dammit!But with blessings to our ears we now can’t stop…

This Punky 5 piece first of all look the part, with very trendy clothing, the septum piercing, denim jackets and hats- you already know these cats are cool. But first hearing the scratchy guitar and whirring layers, Average Sex have taken a trip back to the 90s with raw, DIY and edgy Indie Punk. Thank God! This is what has been missing from the London scene; though some may argue as the rise of Punk music is flourishing back into our lives but have you noticed the majority are male fronted?. Thankyou to Average Sex for bringing the girl power and the balls to do it with flare. “We’re Done” is already iconic in our eyes and perfectly structured, it resonates attitude but also confidence and is motivating to get you strutting your stuff. If this song wasn’t cool enough just wait for the distorted scream at the end and that is the finale every song needs.

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