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AM Flex has performed alongside Grammy-Award winning artists such as “The Roots” as well as lesser known bands such as Los Angeles based “” during his days as a jazz and bboy percussionist. Now digitising his talents through an array of unusual implements (the introduction to “Space!” is an explosion of South Korean Taiko drums), AM Flex looks to capture the sum of his international forbearance through a foray of sweat – and sometimes tear-inducing – grooves.

We particuarly like the mutltiple percussive layers on Noah (which to us seems very Lemon Jelly-esq) which builds into a epic electronic soundscape thats modernest and beautiful all in one…..have a listen here.

Space is a driving breakbeat-heavy soundscape which leads comparisons to Hybrid’s early days..featuring samples of the Apollo 8 mission amongst other found sounds…

Good Electronic Stuffs.


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