DOLLS – Sultry, Sulky Disco Filth

Dolls, AKA Nikki Awesome, is the more offensive byproduct of a commercial pop career gone AWOL. This is sultry, sulky Disco filth for creatures of the night, and soundtrack to an underground revolution. It’s pouty, sadistic and attitude laden fairytale smut, or as she delicately puts it herself “like Trent Reznor banging Madonna in the David Lynch motel. Disco music for cutters.”

Influences include Joy Division, New Order and Depeche Mode. “DOLLS juxtaposes apocalyptic pop vocals with gritty lyricism, creating a uniquely dark synthpop signature.”

Whatever the genre and vibe, one thing is certain; she’s one powerful force of woman kind. Amazonian in stature and with a Black Widow look in her eyes, this is a lady who takes no shit, and offers a cool fuck you to anyone who should dare to stand in her way.

With an inimitable style and bags of attitude, DOLLS has enchanted international artists and humans of all descriptions. Rough Trade‘s Carole Pope described SECRET SULK as “The Best Album Ever”.

Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, Dolls now resides in London Town, where she works as a fiercely independent artist. Model, mayhem pedlar and possibly Marilyn Manson’s future wife, this fantastical being is surely destined for glory.

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