The Murder Barn

The Murder Barn take their musical lineage from artists such as The Band, Scott Walker, Ennio Morricone, Elton John, Wilco, 16 Horsepower, Black Mountain and The Bad Seeds. They weave mesmerising and bombastic creations, each song telling tall tales. Singer Chesca Dolecka’s songs, bare boned, are laconic, romantic, funny, and horrifying, but are fleshed out into full landscapes by the band. Their epic, filmic arrangements feature lascivious string and horn sections, Ronson-esque guitars and mellotrons.

Anglo Polish / Lebanese Sisters Chesca Dolecka and Becca Grover Jones have been making music together since they were children, drawing on a rich family heritage of classical violinists, big band trumpeters, drummers and storytellers. In 2011 they were joined by Matt Jones (Minuteman, Ultrasound, Jamie T and Beady Eye), producer Kevin Feazey (The Fierce and the Dead, The Kills, Lydia Lunch, The Duke Spirit), childhood friend Ryan Wilson and Serbian drummer Velibor Krstic to begin work on The Murder Barn.

The band have a fierce work ethic and desire to create their own world, a whirlwind of creativity and excitement, a self-contained art house of ideas. The six members of The Murder Barn have spent a year locked in their studio – home-grown, home-built, Warhol-esque and also called ‘The Murder Barn’ – secretly amassing an arsenal of material, recording an album, singles, and producing artwork and films. All films are created in house by Becca Grover Jones, record sleeves by Chesca Dolecka and additional artwork by members of the band.

The single America, which was released earlier this year is a great introduction to the powerful and haunting vocals of Chesca Dolecka, whose many likening to PJ Harvey are well justified. An epic ballad with layers of strings and an all together ethereal quality…have a listen below:

We also are hugely in love with the video for “In Every Sea We Drown”, with its beautiful animation perfectly suited to the mesmerising song…


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